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ABOUT THIS project

The main goal of this project is to keep practicing and learning photography & Botany. I always love observing plants through macro and micro lens. On the other hand, it is an excuse to learn new skills that will add value to my professional life. 

A few years ago, my phone and laptop suddenly were full of pictures of flowers, dogs, and landscapes. I realised that I missed many activities that I use to do when I was studying Biology and volunteering at the Zoo. So I started to organise in folders all the photos of flowers and collect data from books, the Internet, and apps for plant identification.

After a few days, I found myself spending too much time organising all the information that I had. I decided to keep things simple and apply my digital knowledge. I created an Instagram account and a Pinterest dashboard. It was easier, practical, and faster. Pressing plants and filling in notebooks, as I did during my Biology days, wasn’t an option.

I can’t avoid taking pictures of nature during my running sessions or when I’m walking with Cooper through the parks.




1. Experiment, evaluate and optimize different pins formats
2. Learn how to doodle flowers


Tools that I learned how to use

Adobe Spark Post: Create spectacular graphics for social networks, in a matter of seconds.

Adobe Spark Page: Create great stories.

Adobe Spark Video: Create engaging video stories.

Pinterest Analytics

Story Pins

Video Pins 

Conecta tu sitio web 

How to optimize Pins 


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