Photography project.


Plant taxonomy: find, identify, describe, classify plants.


ABOUT THIS project

The main goal of this project is to keep practicing and learning photography & Botany. I always love observing plants throght macro and micro lens.

A few years ago, my phone and laptop suddenly were full of pictures of flowers, dogs, and landscapes. I realied that I missed many activities that I use to do when I was studying Biology and volunteering at the Zoo. So I started to organize in folders all the photos of flowers and collect data from books, the Internet, and apps for plant identification.

After a few days, I found myself spending too much time organizing all the information that I had. I decided to keep things simple and apply my digital knowledge. I created an Instagram account and a Pinterest dashboard. It was easier, practical, and faster. Pressing plants and filling in notebooks, as I did during my Biology days, wasn’t an option.

I can’t avoid taking pictures of nature during my running sessions or when I’m walking with Cooper through the parks.

photos_sole bassett