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Oxford Digital Marketing: Disruptive Strategy Programme

Redefine the marketing strategy in an age of disruption.


Universitys: University of Oxford
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Programme: Oxford Digital Marketing: Disruptive Strategy Programme



Technologies such as artificial intelligence are reshaping the way businesses think about their marketing strategies, as well as how they choose to harness different channels.

This programme provided me with the skills and confidence to respond to the forces driving disruption in the digital marketing landscape. I investigated how consumer behaviour has evolved and developed strategies for adapting my approach to account for this. I also explored emerging technology and marketing channels, and how to use them effectively in my strategy.

I developed a future-focused perspective on marketing as I learned to leverage data and analytics in my decision-making and create value in the face of disruption.

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The design of this programme was guided by Oxford Saïd faculty, as well as industry experts, who shared their experience and in-depth knowledge throughout the programme.

Andrew Stephen

Programme Director

Associate Dean of Research, L’Oréal Professor of Marketing and Director of the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

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1. I got an overview of the history and key trends of the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

2. Developed a holistic understanding of the people involved in marketing and the psychology behind their decision-making.

3. Gained a deeper understanding of how value is created and why it should be a central consideration when driving growth.

4. I explored established digital marketing channels and gained insight into why precision targeting and programmatic advertising are strategically important.

5. I gained insight into emerging digital marketing channels and the ways to use new technologies strategically.

6. I learned how to leverage the power of digital communities and social influence, and understand the opportunities and challenges presented by online communities.

7. I developed an understanding of how to make data-driven decisions.

8. Finally, I devised ways to implement a up-to-date knowledge and practical skills from this programme, and speculated about the future of marketing and discovered how I can harness opportunities that the future presents.

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