Graphic Design

Graphic Design


University: Universidad Católica
Degree: Technician in Graphic Design



He has theoretical knowledge, procedural and technical skills and aptitudes, required to perform efficiently and reliably in the development of visual communication design projects; with the ability to manage human and technical resources and to interact with professionals from other areas from the multidisciplinary concept of the career.

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I learned to:

> Apply theoretical concepts of design: semiology, visual perception, ergonomics, theory and psychology of forms, image and color.

> Apply a research methodology to identify the needs and problems of an issuer’s visual communication, considering the viability of the project.

> Propose and designs visual communication systems that solve problems related to a sender, a specific message, and a particular recipient group.

> Handle computer tools and applications for graphic design in any of its areas, stages, or processes.

> Technical capabilities and skills to visualize creative ideas through sketches, drawings, models, and prototypes.

> Manage the criteria of costs and prices of design services and materials production.

> Propose creative solutions for problems in different areas of design application: persuasive, informational, educational, identity.

> Design pieces, supports, or visual communication channels that are functional, efficient, and aesthetic.

Clients & Projects


Geneve Family Office
Sole Bassett_web design_abie international
branding_digital strategy_website design_collaterals
Sole Bassett_web design_abie international
runsolerun_digital marketing project_long term_sole bassett
photos_sole bassett
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