Measuring Social Media


Return on Influence









The KPI’s she uses are: 3 KPI’s

  1. Volume: # fans, followers, TPM (Tweets Per Minute), trending topics.
  2. Engagement: RT (ReTweets), subscribers, sentiment, time spent, comments, “likes” on Facebook.
  3. Conversion: click-throughs, leads generated, sales.

DigitalRoyalty has also come up with a formula to measure ROI (Return On Infuence):

  1. Cold metrics (typically Volume, Conversions) formula: Reach x Frequency / Time Spent
  2. Warm metrics: typically sentiment and ecosystem size.

This video made me cringe from second 0:00. At first I thought it was her personal style, but the more she elaborated on the formula, the more I was convinced this was, indeed, mind-bogglingly stupid. Or at least: very shallow. Beware of self proclaimed Social Media Experts, especially when they wear hipster t-shirts and hair extensions and play buzzword bingo with your mind.



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